Meet the team


The Vicar is The Rev Fr Mark Amey.

Simon Kershaw and Carol Dennis are our Churchwardens.

The Assistant Curate is The Rev Fr Alex Shannon

Elaine Midgley is our Reader (LLM)

Gary Evans and Carol Dennis are our Pastoral Assistants.

Martin Everett MMus is our Director of Music.



The Parochial Church Council (PCC) is the church’s governing body.

Its current members are:

Rev Fr Mark Amey ( ex-officio Vicar (Chair))
Rev Fr Alex Shannon ( ex-officio Assistant Curate)
Elaine Midgley (ex-officio Reader (LLM))
Simon Kershaw (ex-officio Churchwarden)
Carol Dennis (ex-officio Churchwarden)
Angela Kinchella (ex-officio Deanery Synod Rep)
Martin Collier (ex-officio Deanery Synod Rep)
Heather Dickerson (Hon Secretary)
Jackie Greenwood
Marjorie Harding
John Kennedy
Janet Parker (Hon Treasurer)
Linda Rose
Peter Smith (Safeguarding Officer)
Glen Stewart
Stan Trencher
Verity Trynka-Watson
Barry Wills (Sacristan)
Gary Evans (Associate Member)