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News sheet for 20 October 2019 (PDF)

Services for Advent and Christmas 2019

Sunday 1 December (Advent Sunday)
10.15am: Sung Parish Eucharist
4pm: Taizé Service for Advent

Sunday 8 December (Second Sunday of Advent)
10.15am: Sung Parish Eucharist

Saturday 14 December
3.30pm: Carols and Readings with the Wren Choir

Sunday 15 December (Third Sunday of Advent)
10.15am: Sung Parish Eucharist
4pm: Contemplative Prayer

Sunday 22 December (Fourth Sunday of Advent)
10.15am: Sung Parish Eucharist

Tuesday 24 December (Christmas Eve)
3.30pm: Nativity from Scratch
11.30pm: Midnight Mass

Wednesday 25 December (Christmas Day)
10am: Family Eucharist with Blessing of Toys


Church invites feedback on re-designing its interior

All Saints Church in St. Ives has launched a 3 month long public consultation that asks local people to say how the church could be improved by re-ordering some of its interior.

The Parochial Church Council (PCC) of the church is preparing to sell the Church Hall on Ramsey Road and will use the proceeds, matched with additional fundraising, to make changes to the church’s interior.

Fr Mark Amey, Vicar at All Saints said, “Sadly the Church Hall and adjoining cottage are now in a poor state of repair and would need considerable investment to bring them up to the standards required of commercial premises today. The amount of capital needed would be impossible to justify financially, even if we had the funds to invest. The PCC, faced with the prospect of fundraising for the Hall or for the Church, has decided that investment in the 15th Century building is the greater priority.

Making a few changes could improve access for all and make the space suitable for wider community use. In fact, all activities currently taking place in the Hall could be provided for within the church building with potential for many others to develop besides.

People should not be alarmed by the thought of all these changes. Being a Grade 1 listed building does not mean that we can do what we like. The various heritage agencies and societies will all be our partners in this and will ensure that the essential character and nature of the building remains.”

Churchwarden, Martin Collier added, “We want to hear the views of local people because we want to ensure that any changes are made carefully and sensitively. We wish to preserve the beauty and heritage of the space, whilst providing a few simple additions such as toilet facilities or improved storage for our Foodbank that could make an important difference to how the church is used by everyone in the community”.

Fr Mark added, “Much as people now come in to look at the Victorian restoration and are impressed, so we would aim to do something that in 150 years or so people will come in and be able to say the same about what we have done in the 21st century. In short, we want to take the best that we have inherited, improve and enhance it for the needs of today and pass this on for future generations to appreciate, enjoy and in turn enhance as they feel best for their times”.

Surveys are being distributed in local community spaces and are available in the church. The survey can also be accessed online at the link and will be open until 14th December 2019.


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